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Daily Archives: August 19, 2012

A Blog Merit Certificate – Go Say Something – Adding A Blog – And Coming To Blows

A Blog Merit Certificate

 The top blog roll has had a couple of deletions lately, leaving room for a blog or two to be moved up. Dr Malford (my non existent Head Mistress)  has been studying my blog visiting habits and decided to give a certificate to….

Bryan’s New Spanking Blog

This is the second time that Bryan has been given a certificate, as he had a blog before, that was in the top list.

Tim the Tum is calling it a day

Tim announced in this post, THE LAST POST, that due to medical reasons he is going to stop writing his blog. His blog has been a real labour of love, with site reviews and interviews and it is a shame that he has been forced to quit. If ever a spank blogger deserved some words of appreciation, I think that this one does. If you can spare the time pop over and say fare well.

A new blog for the rolls

Teen Spankings & Discipline is another blog from Spank Chief. Despite it’s rather predictable name it does have a nice mix of interesting stuff on there, not just site promos.
This blog will be added to the second roll.

A blowin and a gigglin

The internet has it’s uses sometimes

One for the girls (found at Sex+)

One for the boys


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