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Onderwijsmuseum Ieper (Ypres)

Regular readers of this blog might remember my trip to An Historic School in the UK, back in June. Inspired by this I decided to see if there was anything similar here in Flanders. My search was not in vain.

The School Museum Ieper

In the town of Ieper, perhaps better known for it’s part in The Great War (AKA WWI), is a museum of Flemish schools, housed in an old church. It is called the Onderwijsmuseum. It is an interesting way to spend an hour and surprisingly cheap to visit. Mostly it is an information board and artifact type of museum but it does have a couple of mock ups of schools in the olden days. I am strongly against the corporal punishment of children but I find this kind of place great for adults to get ideas about scenarios for playing with other adults. Here are a few snaps that I took.

A 17th Century school room

Note the birch on the teacher’s desk

A 1930’s school room

Someone got corner time

I so want one of these desks

I hope that gave you all lots of ideas 🙂


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  1. These pictures are great, Prefectdt! Thanks for sharing. And I absolutely agree with you. Since I am also strongly against corporal punishment for children, I’m glad that the real thing is history. But the museum provides some nice ideas for consensual play sessions for adults.

    • Being an amateur history enthusiast does take me to a lot of places that get the imagination going. Glad you liked the pictures,though they are a long way from perfect.


  2. Sounds like a very interesting place to visit Pref. Thanks for the pictures. I have to agree with you and Kaelah about CP for children.


    • It’s incredibly cheap to get into too, 2 Euros 50 cents or free, if you have already visited the Flanders Field museum in the town center. It’s not a huge place but it is good for an interesting hour.



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