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If a spanking is just right, not too hard, not too soft and taking my mind off to that magical land of sub space, I often wonder if it could not be a bit better if it was just a little harsher. It is nice getting a “Just right” spanking but like many Bottoms and Subs I like to be pushed a little, to explore my boundaries. This is a hard thing to ask a Top or Dom(me) to judge, so this week’s Thought, hopefully, offers a guide line  for this type of situation.

The perfect severity of a spanking

Is always 2% harder than just right

(Source – Converted from a saying by Terri Guillemets)


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  2. My ritual goes like this:

    She: Please, no more.
    Me: I’m sorry; ten more.

    And of these, the last two right go on the sit spot. I then say:

    Me: Now you are one spanked little girl.

    For some reason this almost always leads to very hot sex, during the course of which I usually remind her:

    Me: You see? That’s why you had to be spanked: for being such a very naughty, slutty girl.

  3. Congratulation on getting Chrossed Pref.

    Enjoy your weekend.



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