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Daily Archives: August 26, 2012

Farewell Tim – Adding A Blog – Another Book – Chrossed – And Hi Dad

Good bye Tim

Unfortunately Tim the Tum passed away last weekend, as announced in this posthumous post What comes next? A really great adventure!. My deepest condolences to his nearest and dearest and thanks for sharing Tim.

The flags are at half mast here for Tim

Adding a blog

Miss Shanelle’s – Spanking Blog is the blog of a very well known UK spanking enthusiast and performer. this blog is being added to the second roll.

Eve Howard has a book out

Thanks to Devlin O’Neill, for telling us about this in this post Eve Howard’s Latest Book. This is another in a long series of spanking fiction and is available for download from Shadow Lane Volume Eleven: The Venus Club, Eve Howard: Kindle Store.


This blog was chrossed this week (woohoo). Thank you Chross and congrats to all the others that were chrossed this week.

Be careful who you are texting

Or dad might order you to use his credit card


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