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Daily Archives: August 28, 2012

Prince Harry, Should He Be Spanked?

Before I start the post proper, I would just like to say that I am not proposing a punishment spanking for the person in the title. Curious now? Then read on.

The Prince Harry scandals

As most of you will have seen, Prince Henry (AKA Harry), the third in line to the British throne was recently photographed playing a game of strip pool (or was it billiards, I forget) in Vegas.

So I went on a Google news search to see what is brother had been up to. Sure enough there at the bottom of the fourth search page was a small article about Kate and Wills house hunting in Scotland. This little piece of title tattle could possibly have been something bigger, speculations on Prince William leaving the military or getting an undue posting away from Wales, where he is stationed now, or something like that. But it had all been buried by Harry’s Vegas adventures.

This is not the first time that this has happened. At some public occasion William is photographed in a less than flattering way, less than an hour later Harry is drunk and being an idiot in front of the press. It is about to be splashed across the front pages that William and Kate have been sharing a flat (a long time before they were married) and so Harry turns up at a fancy dress party dressed as a Nazi officer and gets the headline again. One can only suspect that Prince Harry is taking the publicity heat off his brother, on purpose.

A phone call from the Queen

There is probably a more formal way that it happens but I prefer my silly fantasy. Imagine that HM Queen Elizabeth II is telephoning Prince Henry.

HM Queen – Hello is that you, Harry my boy?

P Harry – Hi Grandma. Hows it hanging?

HM Queen – One is fine. Enjoying your Hols?

P Harry – Lovin it, Vegas rocks.

HM Queen – One will cut to the chase. Your brother is about to get some bad press again. One was wondering if you could do One a bit of a favour and do something really daft and public, to divert attention. You know, the usual drill.

P Harry – No probs Gran, Vegas was built for public and daft.

HM Queen – Thanks so much. One will see you on the front page tomorrow then.

P Harry – You bet. Bye Gran

And so we end up with this

I have to admire Harry, he always seems to be prepared to “Take one”, as the Americans like to say, for the Royal team. The problem now is that this was a bit of a big one and next time that William is photographed having a fight with the milk man or something like that, Harry is going to have to think up something pretty spectacular to get the Paparazzi looking in his direction instead. This is my suggestion

Harry’s next great public boob

I think that the Spanking community should help Harry out by finding him a good harsh disciplinarian and then we only have to think of a way for this to “accidentally” happen in front of someone with a camera or camera phone. Then we can see something like this plastered across the front pages and the internet.

If this was Harry’s rear end, it would sell a lot of copy and his brother could get away with almost anything. The only problem now is to find a girl feisty enough to weal a whippy cane and stripe the Royal posterior.

Has anyone any suggestions for a female spanker?

Would any of the girls like to volunteer themselves for the task?

Thanks to Bruised Bottom Guy for the last image


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