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Rising From The Grave – Adding A Blog – And Royal Naked Salutes


The demise of Tim the Tum, reported on this blog and others seems to have been premature, as can be seen in this post I’m having a Tom Sawyer moment. No exaggeration, really. Tim is alive if not well and out of Hospital, which is good news. The whole thing is reported as being a sick hoax by an unknown party. Personally I am not sure what to think of this right now and so am saying nothing at the present time.

Adding Vintage Spankatisque

Vintage Spankatisque is, unfortunately, a Tumblr blog but it does have some very fine vintage and vintage styled images. This blog is being added to the Tumblr blog roll.

Get naked for a royal salute

This blog had a little feature on Prince Harry this week and his antics in Vegas. It seems that many have decided to support him via a Facebook page, Support Prince Harry with a Naked Salute. here is a news report about it.

perhaps we should join in with a spanking salute support? 🙂

picture courtesy of Best Spanking Blogs


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  1. Weird story about TTT, can’t believe it isn’t a stunt! I voted…

    • I’m not sure what to think about that situation. With such a lack of substantiated information, I think it would be less than wise to draw any conclusion at the present time.


  2. I’m just glad that Tim is alive and (given his general health condition) well. There are easy ways to hack a blogging account and Tim has indeed written that he is an Albion fan on another blog. So the story isn’t unbelievable in my opinion.

    • I’m glad that he is alive too. And I know how it is to be hacked. Just over three years ago I had several email accounts, both kinky and vanilla (at Yahoo addresses) simultaneously hacked and am not dismissing this version of events, it is just that it is so hard to be certain of anything on the ‘net.



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