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Spank The Baby!

Before you continue with this post, please realize that no babies or other underage people are involved in this activity in this post.

How to give yourself a public self spanking at the pool

To spank the baby is actually a form of diving, using a springy diving board. As illustrated in this video.

If done repeatedly it must count as a serious self spanking. A bottom getting multiple impacts from a large springy piece of wood has to end up red and sore. I have to admire this guy for doing it at some height too.

If anyone wants to try this form of self spanking, here is a useful instruction video.

Has any spanko out there, ever spanked the baby in this way?


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  1. Oh my, that’s crazy! Never tried it but it definitely looks painful.

  2. Too silly, Never tried it myself.


  3. I haven’t tried it, and never heard of it. I will watch for people doing it, however.


  4. funny to watch… never did like diving into water, and I would be as successful as this young lady
    bottoms up

    • Never been much of a diver myself. I would like to see some spankees trying this at the pool after a full weekend’s party play at The Shadow Lane party. imagine how loud the ouches and aargs would be 🙂


  5. This was funny, but isn’t very practical. In physics, the principle of relativity tells us that there is no difference between moving the board to the bottom or the bottom to the board, but in practice, the spankee would be well-advised to get a loved one to administer a paddle to the seat rather than doing a pratfall on a diving board, with which many things could go wrong.


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