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Musing On Rocking Chair Spankings

I have never been spanked whilst occupying a Rocking chair but coming across this post, Grandma’s Rocking Chair, on the blog British Spanking Mags did get the imagination flowing about this possibility. I was also firstly inspired and then put off a little by two very nice illustrations, used in this post.

Tender cheeks awaiting the start of spanking play

And being caned on the rocking chair

It was this second image that worried me a little. Liking to be caned hard I could imagine this small, old fashioned design toppling over resulting in the kind of head on floor “Ouch” that would be a less than enjoyable element of play. Still interested in the idea of being caned or strapped into motion, on such a chair, I did a little surfing, to see if modern designers have come up with something more appropriate and found two nice solutions to the problem.

Almost a purpose built spanking bench on rockers

And super futuristic

Although if found to be kneeling reversed on the second one a person might be forgiven for wondering if they were there to be caned or to pilot a space ship.

I like the idea of being on the receiving end whilst on a rocking chair and am curious about the practicalities of such an event. This one is a new item on the bucket list and something to fantasize about, and hopefully turn into a real experience one day.


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