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I have been spanked by newbie spankers and I have been a newbie spanker myself and OMG was I nervous about it and I presume that the newbies that spanked me felt something similar. Over the years and butt whuppings it has become clear to me, from being on the receiving end, that the best thing about being spanked by different people is experiencing the different styles that they use. So to newbie spankers I say try to learn as much as you can but don’t feel bad if your spanking style is different from what you see from other spankers, the difference is often appreciated. I hope that this weeks Thought offers some advice and confidence to those embarking on the noble path of spanking others.

There are only two things required of a spanker

To play safely

And put a little bit of your own heart and soul into every swat

(Source – This one is mine, it came to me whilst reading a post on Ronnie’s blog)


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  1. Totally agree with what you say, specially the key is play safely. It is play!! However, bottoms up

  2. That’s a very beautiful saying, Prefectdt! 🙂


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