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I got Spanked :)

What I did on my holiday

Well it had been a long time since I  had the opportunity to play (far too long) and so I decided to seek professional help with this problem. I found a very nice German lady who agreed to get very nasty on my posterior. Before I proceed with this post I would like to say to say that I got exactly what I asked for, no limits where breached and I would have been disappointed if I had been spanked less severely. And so I would like to ask anyone who has a problem with the results to keep it to themselves. Everyone should play at the level that they feel comfortable with.

It was only a half hour of spanking but I did enjoy it and felt wonderful afterwards. I did not realize at the time but soon after we started to play I remembered that I had played with this Domme before, though in my defence it was a few of years ago (I soon remembered when I felt the spanking style). Her name is Mistress Eva and she does a good line in butt whuppings. I was flogged, whipped, caned, belted, birched, paddled and probably spanked with a few other things that I forget.

And I am proud to say that my old hide managed to break a rattan birch bundle (Yay! my butt). The photographs in this post where kindly taken by Mistress Eva herself. I can’t wait to play again.


Confidentiality – When I play with someone, a fellow enthusiast or a payed professional, I always respect the level of privacy that they set. I do not want people thinking, that if they play with me, I will run straight to my computer and publicize the occurrence. If someone requires confidence of me I will keep my hands off my keyboard and my mouth shut, if that is what is agreed. I gained permission to post the material in this post.


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  1. Good for you! I am so pleased you finally had a chance to play, and got exactly what you asked for. I hope you don’t have to wait so long before the next time.

    You don’t have a desk job, so sitting down shouldn’t be a problem at work, right?


  2. Good to read Pref, really pleased for you.

    Did you take the rattan birch bundle along with you?


  3. It’s wonderful to hear, Prefectdt, that you finally got a chance to get spanked again! 🙂

    The marks are really impressive, but I think that’s no surprise since you get to play so rarely and since you mentioned that you mark quite heavily. How long did the healing process take? If I remember it correctly, you once said that you heal very fast.

    • The marking and the quick recovery are both the results of long term us of a prescription drug. Most of the marks had gone in just less than three days but two heavy welts on my right buttock did last a little longer (happy me). I think that these were due to an American style paddle, that I am not very experienced with.



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