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Whirligigs, For Fun And For Punishment

Whirligigs for fun

These kind of whirligigs are those little wind powered novelties with animated figures on them. I came across a website, Victor Moore Online, that offers several of these, themed on actual events and a couple of them did seem to have a kinky vent.

A Good whipping

And Early Morning Wood

Whirligigs for punishment

inspired by these finds I wasted some time looking for more kinky little windmills and had no luck but I did find another sort of whirligig that was used by the military as a form of punishment. Apparently people could be placed in them for any amount of time up to a whole day. They were then spun around at high speed.

Here is an excerpt that I pulled from a site called The People of Gibraltar.

The Whirligig, which was also known as the Whirl Gig or even the Pritty Whim, was a cage-like contraption in the form of a tube, large enough to fit one person and suspended on a couple of swivels at the top and bottom.  The offender was placed inside and the cage spun round at great speed by a couple of soldiers for a set period of time. The result was that the person became very giddy and extremely sick. A certain Mrs Malhone would have been able to confirm this. She ‘was committed for proper reasons to the whirligig during two hours. It gave great pleasure to the spectators.’

I can say that this sort of punishment does not appeal to me for kinky play but I would bet a pound to a penny that there is someone out there intrigued by this idea 🙂


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  1. I love the garden whirligigs and wonder what the neighbours would say if I installed the first one on the front lawn.

    The punishment contraption would be a big turn-off to me too. I get motion sickness easily and avoid things that whizz around at high speeds.


  2. Great garden whirigigs, love them. I’d hate the punishment contraption.



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