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Women Who Should Be Spankers – Katie McGrath (Morgana)

Katie McGrath (Morgana)

Some of you might have seen the TV series Merlin, if not I can recommend it to any Sci fi/Fantasy geeks out there. Amongst the cast is Katie McGrath, playing the evil sorceress Morgana. When trying to describe her the words “Smouldering”, “Irish” and “Hot” tend to string themselves together all to easily. With her dark hair and pale blue eyes she oozes Celtic sexiness.

Being the bad girl of the series makes her so attractive as a potential spanker. Especially as her character has access to whole castles filled with historically styled furniture, dungeons and a myriad of whips, floggers and other tasty toys. And she has a dragon for a pet (how cool is that?). I could easily imagine her using her magic powers to throw a guy onto the four poster (in the photo above), rip off his clothes and have ropes coil themselves around his wrists and ankles, like snakes, securing him to the bed posts. Then, forgoing magic, she would get very personal with a long leather whip.

Ms McGrath was born in 1983 in County Wicklow, Ireland. She studied History at Trinity College in Dublin. She then worked in several different fields from a cocktail bar to a fashion magazine. She also worked as a wardrobe assistant on the historical drama The Tudors before getting into acting, where she has done film, stage and TV work but she is most famous for her role as Morgana in the series Merlin. if you would like to know more try these links Katie McGrath – Wikipedia and Katie McGrath – IMDb.


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  1. Hot and spankable in my view…I like a bit of attitude, heh heh. That was supposed to be a dangerous chuckle, should be an emoticon for it eh?


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