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I Think He Cheated

This post concerns a clip that I found on YouTube from a channel called bragster101, which basically has clips of some guy trying to think up lots of daft things to do and post on YouTube (there are lots of channels like that). In this clip the person in question takes up the challenge of getting his ass slapped by fifty different women in public. A most laudable and applaudable mission (I will have to try it one day) but whilst watching I noticed something odd about the clip.

What is wrong here?

You may have noticed that not only the slapee but also all the people slapping and others around in the clip change their type of cloths during the clip from warm weather wear to coats and woolly pullies.

So did the guy cheat or was there an amazing weather change during the day (with everyone having a wardrobe handy, for a quick change)?



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  1. The scenery changed a lot too. I noticed that plenty of Canadian flags were in evidence, and Canadian girls administered most of the slaps. Or were they foreign tourists carrying Canadian flags?

    A fun way to spend an afternoon (or several).


    • There are a lot of Canadians in London (There are a lot of Canadians all over the world, I’m always running into them) so you will always see Canadian flags on Canada day there. I noticed that all the flags disappeared in the cold weather shots though.



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