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A Goodbyeeee – A Blogger Returns – Competition – And Wii Smash

Goodbyeeee Poppy’s Submissions

Unfortunately and for reasons unknown but hinted at in this post A Crimson Tide « A Voice in the Corner (found via Poppy St Vincent has deleted her blog and stopped all other blog related activities. Let us hope that this is not for a bad reason and that whatever path life leads her on in the future is a good one.

MarQe is back

MarQe ‘s Study has returned to posting. I have found this blog a little difficult to get into, in it’s new form but a little patience gets you in. This blog will be put on the second blog roll for now. Welcome back MarQe.

Win an ass busting toy

Dana Kane has been running some competitions on her blog of late. In the latest photo competition you have the opportunity to win some rather intriguing looking toys. If you want to have a go follow the instructions in this post You can win ‘The Curse of Dana’ contest.

Game, set and match

Apparently there is a new version of the Nintendo Wii coming out and it is not to be called the Nintendo Ppoo, as my two nieces told me it would be. Even with the old Wii there were a lot of funny accidents posted on YouTube, this is one of my favourites.


If you like any of the images in this post or any others in this blog, you can vote for them, for the monthly Top Of The Click Pops by clicking or right clicking on them. The top five are posted at or near the beginning of every month, for the previous months result.

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  1. Poppy’s exit seems very abrupt and mysterious. I can only guess the reason from something she once said to me, which understandably would stop her writing anything at all. It would also probably stop her from revealing the reason. Doesn’t quite stack up with the post, but perhaps on purpose – so many blogs just disappear with no notice these days!

    • If she needs to keep the reason to herself then that is what she must do. Our community is more aware than most that discretion and self preservation must sometimes take precedence over other activities. At least we know that it was her decision to stop blog activity, thanks to A Voice In The Corner.



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