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Adding A Blog – Thank You – Time – And Three In A Bed

Please note that I have been on a little trip to France this weekend and have not had time to read all the blogs that I would have liked to before making this post, this week. So if I have missed anything important please thrash me till I cry excuse me for it.

A new blog for the rolls

Spanking My Husband is the blog of Deirdre, who likes to spank her husband, Evan. A blog from this blogger has been on the rolls before but this one is her more current blog. It is being added to the second roll.

Thank You Bonnie

On October the 23rd many bloggers decided to show their appreciation for Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts. A day late and a dollar short (as those across the pond say) I would like to say thank you too. I once tried my hand at blogging amongst the expat community and although some bloggers reached out to me, the sense of all for one and one for all that I have found amongst spanking and BDSM bloggers was sadly absent. One of the binding elements that was missing was someone like Bonnie Burns. Thank you Bonnie.

Put your clocks back

For those of us in most of Europe it is time to reset the clocks. It would not do to turn up at the study for a caning an hour early. The Head might think you are keen on the idea and give you extra strokes 🙂

Jimmy Carr on having a threesome

This guy is so funny some times.


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  1. Thank you, Prefectdt! I find that the work I do to support our community is repaid many times over. For that, I am most grateful.



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