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Whack – Ouch, Whack Ouch, hear that…….that’s the sound of a spanking in the morning….(annoyingly long pause)….that’s the sound of victory.  Bad misquotations aside, it is good to get a spanking in the morning. Perhaps not the talking to the fairies, high on endorphins, type of spanking but a nice, sharp, bottom warming, that puts a spring in your step and sends you off into the day with a happy and focused attitude. This week’s Thought is a pointer to the kind of attitude you need to have to get that early morning correction.

There are times when you might wake up grumpy in the morning

And other times when you just let your Top sleep on for a while

(Source – Converted from a saying by an unknown author)


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  1. I find letting him sleep is usually safer:)


  2. Great saying, Prefectdt! I usually don’t wake Ludwig up in the morning, though, because I am much too tired myself. 😉


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