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A Bit Christmasy

Normally I like to have a well though out post for Tuesdays but due to a family medical emergency I have spent Monday night on the phone to family and a hospital in the UK and just have not had time even to check out other blogs, let alone think up something for this post. So Just a couple of kinky Christmas images for now.

Mrs Christmas (Claus) ready to deal with the naughty ones

$(KGrHqZ,!qoFCTCs6(MKBQqGlNWvRg~~60_12 ebay

An oldy but goody

dashing-through-the-snow spanking blog

Found at Spanking Blog


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  1. Pref, I hope nothing too serious with family member.


  2. Sorry to hear of a family illness so close to Christmas. There’s no “good” time for sickness, but so much worse at this time of year.


    P.S. I see the snow now. Blogger doesn’t have a comparable feature.

    • A bit late now and I’m afraid that I have forgotten where I found it but there is an invisible side bar widget, that you can use for blogger, that puts snow on the blog. Perhaps you can find it for next year Hermione.



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