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Cold Spankings

I’m just getting over a minor cold which because I am a bloke means that I had “Man flu”. And although Man flu is in reality a bit of a sniffle and a sore throat, to any man that means that they are obviously worse off than that Leper that was in that documentary the other day. Strange as it might seem I still fantasize about getting spanked, when I have a dose of the seasonal lurgy. I have never been spanked when I have a cold but it seems to me that it might add some difficulties to playing a scene.

Some of the terms for “Spanking” could change

Panking time

Counting the strokes might be effected

cane counting cold

And Safe Words would have a new use

Stop spank blow nose

Has anyone out there ever been spanked when they had a cold?

What is it like?

All images used in this post where created from those found on the Dreams of Spanking blog.


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  1. This gave me a proper laugh! Love it! I had the flu recently so I can entirely sympathise… hope you feel on top form again soon.

  2. Since I live a long way from my Mistress I arrange to meet her in advance and once when I set out I had a minor attack of the sniffles. By the time I had got there it had turned into a proper cold. It didn’t make much difference to the spanking etc but we also like to include a little bondage. It’s not very pleasant being tied over a whipping horse and desperately wanting to blow your nose. I suspect it didn’t look very attractive either.

  3. I hope you are already feeling better, Prefectdt!

    I have once been spanked outside when it was quite cold, and I think I developed a bit of a cold afterwards, too. In my opinion, a spanking tends to hurt more when I am not fit.


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