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Top Of The Click Pops For The Whole Of 2012 Numbers 5 to 1

Note – This post was originally going to be posted between Christmas and New Year


Hi there all you Top Of The Click Pops pop clickers. These posts are normally for the month but now you can see what the most popular pictures on this blog were for the whole of 2012. Part two of this top 10 list shows the five most clicked on pics for the whole of the year. So now it’s time to…

Play the music

And find out which pictures you clicked on the most during 2012

Numbers 5 to 1 of the most clicked on pics for 2012

Number Five

With 232 clicks it’s the arty representation of Jesus and some of his more colourful disciples, from this post Ecce Homo – All This Over A Few Art Photos!.

tumblr_m1xxm4xa8l1qkgd2no1_500 2012 5

Number Four

This one of AJR ready to cane some ass got my vote too. From the post Experience Of Caning Essential – And Who Stole The Book? with 248 clicks.

012 2012 4

Number Three

From the post Shamu Training Your Man, An Alternative DD this is the only F/m image to make it into the 2012 Top Ten but it came in loud and proud with 249 clicks.

fm_spanking6 2012 3

Number Two

Only just posted in December this one of Chelsea Pfeiffer battering some beautiful butt sky rocketed into the penultimate place for 2012 with 284 clicks. it came from the Roundup post New Colour – Moving A Blog – More Awards – On TV – And All He Wants For Christmas.

004 2012 2

Number One For The Year 2012

With a whopping 419 clicks and from the same post as number 10 in this list A Spanking Machine Website, the combination of Bondage, Spanking and Machine got your vote for the most popular clicked on pick for the whole of 2012.

dfgdf2012 1

And that completes the top ten clicked on pics for 2012


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