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I had the opportunity to look at a vanilla porn magazine this week and it was full of pictures of some very good looking women in various states of undress but mostly totally naked. I did enjoy looking at this publication, as I find the female form very aesthetically pleasing but I just could not get turned on by it, as in I could not see the sexual fantasy in just the naked human form. I cannot understand how the vanilla mind can be turned on by this, without play or fantasy or even just actual sexual interactivity. It all just seemed a little weird to me. And that brings us to this week’s Thought.

Vanillas never seem to realize

That they are the perverts

(Source – Heavily influence by a saying from Mason Cooley)


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  1. I totally agree.

    Have a pleasant weekend!

  2. You know I have always felt the same, but never expressed it as concise as you did. Thanks!

  3. Nice thought, Prefectdt! I guess in one way or another we are all perverts. And life would be boring otherwise. 😉

  4. First, I’m going to admit, I don’t like titles. They do help define a person perversion if you wish to call it that. But do they really? What is the difference between a Vanilla who likes to be spank, and a Spanko, who prefers Vanilla sex? I see a lot of tittles put out on these blogs, and I try to sort them out. But I just can’t seem too. So I thought I would ask someone who is strong into spanking this question. And I do plan on asking other blogs that I visit the same question.

    • Well I can only give my point of view and not speak for all and I have always thought of them as labels rather than titles (not a criticism, just the way I get my head around things). I find labels useful when used as guidelines as to what a person is into or not into. I find labels counter productive when people put a hard and fast set of definitions to the label and expect people to alter the way that they are, so that they better fit that definition.

      Personally I believe that a vanilla who likes to spank is someone who enjoys this activity, in a consenting adult environment but does not have to have it in their life, where as when I tried to stop having spanking as part of my life, it had a detrimental effect on my health and well being and so I call myself a Spanko. On the other side, I enjoy sex in water (well the bath anyway) and find images of women wet or in water are often a turn on, however if I never had sex in water again or could not view such images again, it would not be that big a deal to me and so I would not label myself as an hydrophiliac. Hope this helps.


      • Yes, labels was the correct word, I had a mind fog as my spouse would say, and couldn’t get it out. I agree with you, some people do try to make you fit a label. Most people sexuality has too broad of a spectrum to fit into one label. Thank you, I appreciate your answer.

        • Labels or titles, I don’t think it really matters, it is just what word it feels most comfortable to use. It was an interesting inquiry and it is good to see that people are thinking about these things.



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