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Thought For The Week

Spanking is full of scientific correlations and formulas that effect the final outcome. This one is often very true for many Bottoms and Subs, including myself.

During a spanking E=MC2

Where E is the elbow power of the top and MC is Masochistic Contentment

(Source – Me and some science guy)

This blog is not as it usually is. For more details visit this post This Blog Is On Tick Over.


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  1. Spanked Hortic, Albert Einstein, would have loved your solution of the theory of relativety. But he might have wished you to see Dr. Sigmund Freud, for your brilliant solvement of sexual erotic appetite. Would’nt you agree.? Nobel Prizes to all three of you.

    • I think that we should not forget the work of Isaac Newton “For every action there is an equal and opposite OUCH!” in the world of scientific spanking research 🙂



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