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Three Goodbyeeees

My computer time has been very limited of late and I have not had time to keep up with the blogs on my list but checking through I can see it is time to bid some of them farewell.

Goodbyeeee American Spanking Society, Raven Red and ASSK


American Spanking Society has come to an end due to it’s owners, Todd and Suzy, splitting up. This blog has been around since I started reading blogs and is one of the old stalwarts of the spank blogging world. I will miss it greatly and am sure that many others will too.

Raven Red, a blog from a South African spankee, has ceased to be. I hope that all is well with this blogger and the future will be good to her.

ASSK, a very nice entertainments blog, has also disappeared. This blog was not long on the list but it will be missed.


This blog is not as it usually is. For more details visit this post This Blog Is On Tick Over.

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  1. It’s too bad about A.S.S. and the break up, but that ‘s life. I miss Raven Red.



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