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Daily Archives: May 21, 2013

A New Toy

Bamboo Slapper

slapper 1I got this from an adult supplier, that was closing down, at the bargain bucket price of 4 Euros, which made me very happy (tight fisted bugger that I am). It is two, smoothed down strips of bamboo with a slim spacer separating them at the handle end.

slapper lengthAs you can see it is just over 70cm long but a nice slim 15mm width tapering down to 10mm at the tip.

slapper bendIt is fairly stiff but has some flexibility along it’s length.

slapper writingThere is some writing on the shaft but I have no idea what language it is in, let alone what it says.

Delivered with  a smooth swing it leaves a nice red mark, accompanied by a nice tingy smacking sound. It is not as severe as a cane of the same length but gives good solid sting and may be a good half way house for those that have not received a caning for some time and needs a little toning before getting back to a real cane. For topping too, it is not dissimilar to using a cane but it’s stiffer nature makes it easier to control and so could be useful for an inexperienced caner to practice with, to develop skills, before moving onto a real cane.

All in all I am very happy with my little bargain although it’s construction may compromise it’s working life, only time and use can tell on that.


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