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Daily Archives: May 28, 2013

Blog Calendar – June Page

The June page


June and therefore summer approaches, I wish someone would tell the weather man, so here is the next issue of the Blog Calendar. This month we have a tongue in cheek image by the owner of the blog Red Rump.

As always the calendar is formatted to be printed on an A4 piece of paper, so why not print one off and add “Do Not Disturb” to it, so that you have something to pin on your front door, to ensure privacy.

If you want to donate or suggest an image for the blog calendar please contact me at . As you can see the source of the image is credited on the calendar and linked to in the post.


If you like this image or any other in this blog, you can vote for it for the monthly, Top Of The Click Pops by clicking or right clicking on it. The top five are posted at or near the beginning of every month, for the previous months result.

This blog is not as it usually is. For more details visit this post This Blog Is On Tick Over.