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For a Spankee, getting spanked has a lot of positive aspects. Personally I find that it brings on  a mental clarity that helps me live in a difficult world, provides a two person interaction that things like a conversation or sex cannot even come close to and can bring on an endorphins high that no recreational drug could ever match. It does have one major down side though, IT BLOODY HURTS. I have found that the more that it hurts the more I get out of the spanking as a whole and that the pain is an essential part of the play. I especially enjoy the anticipation before the stroke lands and processing the pain into pleasure after the stroke has happened and to get those things the pain has to happen but still the pain itself is hard to take. And that leads us to this week’s Thought.

We must embrace pain

And burn it as fuel for our journey

(Source – An unaltered saying from Kenji Miyazawa)


This blog is not as it usually is. For more details visit this post This Blog Is On Tick Over.

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