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Daily Archives: August 6, 2013

Top Of The Click Pops – For July 2013

Hi there all you Top Of The Click Pops pic clickers let’s find out what the most popular images were on this blog for July 2013. Remember if you want to vote for any of the pics in this chart, you have to go to the post they originally came from, any clicks from this post do not count in next months countdown. For anyone who wants to join in the fun and have their pic clicking counted, there is an explanation of how you can vote for your choice of images, at the end of the countdown. So now it’s time to…

Play the music

And find out what you clicked on during the month of July.

Number Five

A “Spec”tacular spanking from The Netherlands made it to the fifth spot this month with 42 clicks


Number Four

Both with 53 clicks there is a tie for fourth place for….

This “Spec”tacular Hiatus Post


And this cartoon from this post I’m Back – And A Funny


Number Three

Is it the angle of the photo or has this spankee got the most wonderfully proportioned hips ever? Either way with 57 clicks this “Spec”tacular spanking made it to number three in the chart


Number Two

And yet another “Spec”tacular spanking makes it into the chart at number two with 60 clicks


Number one for July 2013

Proving that nudity, spanking and Specs make a knock out combination with a massive 113 clicks we have this month’s number one


If you want to be a pop pic click picker, all you have to do is click (or right click and open in a new tab) your favourite pictures from anywhere or any time in this blog, except from a Top Of The Click Pops post, during the next month and that will show in the stats for the August countdown, where the top 5 clicked on pictures will be shown.