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A Goodbyeeee – A Blogger Returns – A New Spanking Site – Chrossed – And Yes Or No


Sorry that the Roundup is a bit late this week but I am still having visual problems from a thrombosis and it is taking me some time to get around all the blogs on the list and it is easy for me to miss stuff. Anyway, on with the Roundup.

Goodbyeeee Zille Defeu’s Fetish Fantasies


Zille Defeu’s Fetish Fantasies is the blog of a very successful spanking and kink model but it has not been posted on for some time and is being removed from the second list. Miss Defeu is continuing in her career (as far as I know) and all here wish her luck with that.

Red Rump returns.


Our artistic friend at RedRump has ended the long hiatus and is hopefully back to blogging but is warning that posting may be intermittent for a while.

A new spanking site


Thanks to Spanking Blogg for informing us in this post New Spanking Site News, that there is a new spanking site in town. The site is called Spanking Them.



Thanks to chross for linking this blog in the weekly Spankings Of The Week, this week.

A social experiment

This clip is of a social experiment. And I had to ask myself if I would say Yes or No and have concluded that I would have replied with the questions “If it involves a spanking? you or me your choice?”


If you like these images or any others in this blog, you can vote for them for the monthly, Top Of The Click Pops by clicking or right clicking on them. The top five are posted at or near the beginning of every month, for the previous months result.

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