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A Couple Of Goodbyeeees – A Blog For The Tumblr Roll – Adding A Site – And I Think This Song Has Happened To All OF Us


Goodbyeeee The Pink Report and Spanking 360 (Audrey Knight)


I am working my way through the second blog roll, removing the blogs that have ceased to be blogs, whilst I was busy for the earlier part of this year and this week it is time to bid a fond farewell to the blog of the spanking model Audrey Knight, Spanking 360, which has totally disappeared from the blogasphere, presumably because of the retirement of Ms Knight. Also The Pink Report has stopped posting for some time now and will be removed from the list, though it’s owner still has a Tumblr blog The Pink Papers.

A blog for the Tumblr list


The Chief from Spanking Blogg has a Tumblr blog. This is called Chief’s spankingblogg pics and will be added to the third (specifically Tumblr) blog roll.

A new website for the Campaigners Page


I do not agree with everything that this organization is campaigning for but I agree with the general philosophy and so am adding Backlash to the Campaigners Page.

A very true parody

You’re young, drunk and the mood is right. And then, the next day, you wake up next to someone you wish you had not woken up next to. This song is about that. My vulnerable times for this was at music festivals, during my younger days.


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