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Daily Archives: August 25, 2013

A New Blog – A New Book – Dreaming On – A Couple Of Goodbyeeees – And In The Toy Store


A new Tumblr blog


Pin Ups of Dominic Sodano is a blog with some very nice illustrations, some of them spanking related. This blog is being added to the Tumblr or third blog roll.

A New book from Devlin O’Neill


Devlin O’Neill tells us of his new book in this post New Book – “A Sourcerer’s Apprentice. it is available for download from this link A Sourcerer’s Apprentice eBook: Devlin O’Neill: Kindle Store.

Darker Dreams


Pandora Blake has had some problems from her billing company for the commercial side of Dreams of Spanking. Some clips have been removed from this site but instead of binning them, they have been put on a free site Downloads – Darker Dreams. This gives a great insight into what you get from joining the main site.

Goodbyeeee Strictly Spanking Network and Spanking Photography


I continue cleaning up the second blog roll and both Spanking Photography and Strictly Spanking Network have not been posted on for some time and so we wish their owners well and remove them from the list.

In the toy shop

There are some children in the world that should have this happen to them.


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