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A Goodbyeeee – Adverts – XBIZ – And Four Chords


Goodbyeeee Naughtily Ever after


The blog of spanking performer Emma Bishop, Naughtily Ever After, has disappeared and so it is time to take it off the blog rolls and wish Ms Bishop all the best for the future.

There may be adverts


I have seen little warning boxes telling me that WordPress may put adverts on this blog. I have no problems with WordPress making a buck but I want to make it clear that these adverts are not put there by myself and are not my responsibility, nor am I making any income from them. If you find any of the ads offensive or inappropriate please take a Make a screenshot of the page and send it and your complaint to For further information visit this link About These Ads —

XBIZ next weekend


This may be of interest to any commercial producers reading this Roundup. Next weekend the XBIZ conference for adult media producers is happening in London, for more info use this link XBIZ EU – Sep 22-25, London.

Four Chords

This clip is a little dull at the start but as it goes on it shows the biggest musical con job ever.


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