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A Spanking Machine And A Clip Of It Working

A few years ago now, I documented on this blog how I tried and failed to make a spanking machine. In a comment box this week, a reader informed me that there is a reasonably priced spanking machine available. Here are a couple of photos of it.



It is advertised at 104 Euros and from the video clip, does look like it is effective with toys of up to 100 grams (about 3 and a half ounces. The web site is here Spanker Machine. The web site does put me off ordering one online though. It is not well put together and does lead me to think that it is from someone with little experience of internet commerce. If anyone knows of a shop in Belgium, North East France, South West Netherlands or even at a pinch, South East England, that is selling these, please leave the name and location in the comment box.

And this is it in action


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  1. Hi there!, this is the “little experienced of internet commerce man”, first thank you for your comments and your blog, I want to tell you that the machine has just started selling from 15 Agost 2013, so we are just starting to appear on the market.
    The first idea was and still is, to sell it to stores-sex-shops for distribution. So, if you want to distribute it in Belgium welcome! lol. Anyway, at this moment you can find all kind of products selling on line on internet, some people like me, have no problem to buy on internet, but I understand you prefer to see the real thing before buy it.
    I hope soon you will find it near Belgium.
    Any question fel free to ask on our web throught the contact page.
    kind regards,


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