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Stunt Bottoms – Tatiana Maslany In Orphan Black

The “Stunt Bottoms” irregular series of posts, is an imagined scenario, where we live in a perfect world that excepts and does not persecute Spankos and BDSMers. In this world spanking and other such scenes in mainstream films and TV can be shown with actual real play going on. Obviously vanilla actors and actresses cannot be expected to be on the receiving end of pain play and so stunt bottoms are hired to play the famous persons rear end or other body part getting hurt. In this post I put my suggestions forward for who could play this part for…

Tatiana Maslany In Orphan Black


I have only seen two episodes of this si-fi drama, so I do not know if the character of Sarah Manning, played by Tatiana Maslany, gets spanked. She should do though. This character is a stealing, drug dealing, identity thief, that actually sleeps with the boyfriend of the woman whose identity she has stolen

Neked Ass

It was when Miss Maslany appeared in various states of undress, in the first episode, that it occurred to me who should play her spanked stunt double.

Tatiana Maslany nude

Tatiana Maslany hot bottom

And my choice for her spanked double would be…

Veronica from Old Fashion Girl SPANKING!



I believe that Veronica could easily get away with playing Sarah Manning, getting spanked, in Orphan Black.

What do you think on the matter?


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8 responses »

  1. Yep. That’s an excellent choice.

  2. How much do I get paid??? XoXo

    • Well current stunt double pay starts at a minimum of $859 a day, the last I heard. But you would not have a building fall on your head, so maybe a start rate of $500 a day would be reasonable, for a hand spanking to bare butt. Ask for more if they want to use implements 😉


  3. I think you’ve made a fine choice here and I hope you’ve predicted what will be a future job role – spanking casting director. 🙂


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