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A Goodbyeeee – A Clean Up – 50 Shades – And Improved Car Security


Goodbyeeee Mr. Jer Art


Mr. Jer Art is a Tumblr blog with some very nice illustrations in it and is still well worth a look but it has not been posted on for some time and is now to be removed from the Tumblr blog roll. Thanks for the art work and good luck for the future.

Blog clean up


This week I decided to clean up the Spanking And Kinky Resource Sites page. The following websites do not seem to exist any more and have been removed from the page, Scottish Spanking, and Spankolife.

50 Shades movie news


According to Chross in this post 50 Shades Movie: Not Hunnam, Charlie Hunnam will no longer be playing Christian Grey in the movie version of the book. Who will? I don’t know.

A car alarm that works

Car alarms are noisy, annoying and useless because most people just ignore them but here is one that just might get people’s attention.


If you like these images or any others in this blog, you can vote for them for the monthly, Top Of The Click Pops by clicking or right clicking on them. The top five are posted at or near the beginning of every month, for the previous months result.

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