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Adding A Blog – LOL Day – 50 Shades – Time Please – And Have I Spanked Your Bare Bottom?


Adding Rope Webs


Rope Webs is the rigging blog of Amelia Jane Rutherford and is being added to the Tumblr blog roll. If you like high quality pictures of rope bondage this is the place to go.

LOL Day 2013


Bonnie has announced, in this post It’s Almost Time…, that it is almost time for LOL day. That is Love Our Lurkers day for anyone new to this. On this day kinky bloggers make a post and try to get as many people to comment as is possible, especially those that visit but do not normally comment. This year’s LOL day will be on 11/12/13 if you are in the Americas, 12/11/13 if you are on this side of the pond but on the 12th of November 2013 wherever you are in the world. Blogger, reader or lurker, please join in, it is a lot of fun.

50 Shades actor announced


Jamie Dornan has been named as the next in line for the role of Christian Grey in the 50 Shades of Grey movie. Thanks to Chross for informing us of this in this post Introducing Christian Grey. Let us hope that the movie is better than the cruddy book. Also thanks to Chross for linking this blog in this week’s Spankings of the Week.

Time Spankos please!


Not sure about the rest of the world but for those of you in the UK and most of Europe, do not forget that the clocks went back an hour this weekend. No one wants to turn up for work an hour early, do they?

Have I spanked your bare bottom?

An excellent sketch from Not the Nine O’Clock News, that I had forgotten about.


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