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Top Of The Click Pops – For October 2013

Hi there all you Top Of The Click Pops pic clickers. We’re starting the cold month of November (Note – May not apply to those in the southern hemisphere) and have to find a way to warm up. So let’s find out what the most popular images were on this blog for October 2013. Remember if you want to vote for any of the pics in this chart, you have to go to the post they originally came from, any clicks from this post do not count in next months countdown. For anyone who wants to join in the fun and have their pic clicking counted, there is an explanation of how you can vote for your choice of images, at the end of the countdown. So now it’s time to…

Play the music

And find out what you clicked on during the month of October.

Number Five

Not really a spanking picture but very domestic, in a hot sort of way. With 57 clicks it’s the nude cleaner from this Blog Stuff Roundup.


Number Four

Hitting the number four spot with 61 clicks, it’s Leia Ann Woods getting all F/my in this Saturday Swishing.


Number Three

This tawsing whacked down a cool 62 clicks and number three place for this Saturday Swishing.


Number Two

Nursing up 69 clicks, the number two spot image came from yet another Saturday Swishing.


Number one for October 2013

With a butt busting 171 clicks from this post Spanko Versus BDSM – Bondage, this strapped down thrashing is Octobers first place image by a mile.


If you want to be a pop pic click picker, all you have to do is click (or right click and open in a new tab) your favourite pictures from anywhere or any time in this blog, except from a Top Of The Click Pops post, during the next month and that will show in the stats for the November countdown, where the top 5 clicked on pictures will be shown in the monthly countdown.


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  1. I love number ONE. uno numero,


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