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Something Useful For Late Night Kinksters


I have been busy with some medical stuff and other things, this week, and have not had time to see what was on other blogs properly and so there will be no Roundup until next week. Instead we have something that is not directly kink related but I think many of you who use computers late at night will find useful.



A lot of us, especially those with children, have to wait until late at night to view kinky material on our computers or other connection devices. These blast a lot of blue and green light at you and basically tell your brain that it is the middle of a sunny day. This disrupts sleep patterns and screws up your body clock. There is some freeware that can help with this, F.lux, that alters the lighting on the screen and helps your brain keep on a normal track. You can get it for free through the link below.

f.lux: software to make your life better

It ain’t perfect but


When I first started using this I hated it. It made the colours on my screens a bit icky but I decided to give it a week anyway, I got used to the colours and saw that in just a few days my sleep had improved in both quality and quantity. For more info try this link  F.lux Review: the software that makes you sleep better – Sleep Junkies or this one f.lux – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia or take a look at the clip below.

Sleep well, Prefectdt

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know something like this existed. I may have to give it a look-see.

    Though I still think a good spanking is the best sleep aid. 😀

  2. I didn’t know about this either, thanks for sharing. This is definitely and issue for me!



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