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Daily Archives: December 13, 2013

Thought For The Week


We are all pre programmed not to like the way that our bottoms look. Psychologists have studied this to death and women like to see a waistline that is 90% of the circumference of the hips and men like to see 70%, this even applies to members of the gay and lesbian communities. Therefore, no man will find his own backside attractive and nor will any woman find her’s easy on the eye either. But, although it might not be aesthetically pleasing to me, I still love my bottom, simply because getting it spanked can do such wonderful things to the rest of my body and especially my mind (thank you my bum). And this is why I decided to make this the Thought for this week, when I saw it on CONSENSUAL SPANKING.

0000000000000000 ronnie and hermione consensual spanking


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