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Daily Archives: December 29, 2013

Top Of The Click Pops For The Whole Of 2013 Numbers 10 To 6


Hi there all you Top Of The Click Pops pop clickers. These posts are normally for the month but now you can see what the most popular pictures on this blog were for the whole of 2013. Part two with the top five pics will be posted on Monday 30th of December. But now it’s time to…..

Play the music

and find out what you clicked on for the first instalment of the 2013 top clicked on pics.

Numbers 10 to 6 of the most clicked on pics for 2013

Number Ten

From this post “Spec”tacular Spankings with 115 clicks it’s a 2012 classic

0181spankspot 2013 no10

Number Nine

This 2013 Saturday Swishing means that spankings over sofas are liked. This got 126 clicks

paid_j004 2013 no9

number Eight

This 2012 Saturday Swishing holds on to the number 8 place, that it held in last year’s chart with 137 clicks

cane-on-bottom-2012-8 2013 no8

Number Seven

This “Spec”tacular Hiatus Post has two hot naked lasses playing hard and achieving 142 clicks

ftas_tassp_01spankednotsilenced 2013 no7

Number Six

Another picture holding on to the place in the chart, that it had last year is this one from 2012 “Spec”tacular Spanking Returns with 171 clicks

over_her_boss_knee_02sarah-gregory1-2012-6 2013 no6

Tune in tomorrow for the top five clicked on pics for 2012