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When getting spanked, especially OTK, it is nice when the spanker stops now and again and gives the rear end a little light massage. For myself, this is not even a sexual thing, it just feels so great. It also sends a message from the spanker that they have concern for the spankee. A lot of people go on about “After Care”, I consider acts like this as “During Care”. And so to this week’s Thought.

If a pair of buttocks are worth spanking

Then they are also worth rubbing

(Source – Highly influenced by a saying from John Ruskin)


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  1. “During care” is a wonderful way to describe it. I enjoy it too, and it doesn’t happen nearly enough.

  2. 100% with you there. Before, during and after care all important. Particularly fond of during care, as i can feel how warm the cheeks are getting.

  3. I like that idea of during care. I have a wonderful top who does that for me. She applies lotion every so often. It is very nice and protects the skin.

  4. during care is a wonderful idea, also letting you now that this is only a respite, not the end of your spanking.
    bottoms up

  5. Completely off the subject, but have you seen on Chross, how the belgian soccer-team do target-practice? It is very funny and of course worth looking at. Regards tppbnk20

  6. Oh yes, love the during care. Doesn’t happen enough here either. Before, during and after … all so important.



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