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Daily Archives: February 9, 2014

The Time Has Come – In With The New Home(s) – Producer Fined – And Go Cheerleader


The time has come to end this blog


Due to circumstances that I will explain in the final post, this blog will have it’s last post on the 9th of March 2014 and will close. Why that date? I am not a Christian but the first Sunday of Lent did seem appropriate. Why am I telling you now? Well I originally decided to end this blog in November 2013 but I kept deciding to do one more week and then another and then it was nearly Christmas and then I would wait for the New Year and… You get the picture. So I am setting a firm date and that will be the end. I will miss it. Mostly normal posting will continue until then.

Bonnie’s list has a new home(s)


Both Hermione’s Heart and Blossom and Thorn seem to have taken on the blog midwifery roll that My Bottom Smarts used to fill, ushering new Spanking and BDSM blogs into our little world. They did it in these posts, In with the New – Canadian Edition and In with the New: Initial Blossom and Thorn Edition. I’m not sure if they will both continue with this or just one blog will but it is good to see this worthwhile service continue.

Post update : I have been informed that the new permanent home of In With The New will be at Blossom and Thorn gets fined


The BDSM porn producer has been fined $78000 mostly for allowing it’s performers to choose not to use condoms. You can read more about this here US Sex Sells News: 2014: Jan-March and thanks to Melon Farmers International for telling us about this.

If this is what the cheerleader can do

Then how good is the team?


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