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Daily Archives: February 11, 2014

Stunt Bottoms – Anastasia Steele In 50 Shades Of Grey

The “Stunt Bottoms” irregular series of posts, is an imagined scenario, where we live in a perfect world that excepts and does not persecute spankos and BDSMers. In this world spanking and other such scenes in mainstream films and TV can be shown with actual real play going on. Obviously vanilla actors and actresses cannot be expected to be on the receiving end of pain play and so stunt bottoms are hired to play the famous persons rear end or other body part getting hurt. In this post I put my suggestion forward for who could play this part for…

Dakota Johnson in 50 Shades Of Grey


I hope that this film, that is coming out in a little over a year, is better than the awful book. It could be better, by far, if it had a serious pain player acting as a stunt double for real play, in the appropriate scenes (doubt if that will happen though).

Dakota Johnson is playing Anastasia Steele. Miss Johnson is a very slender person, so let us see what body type her stunt double bottom would have to portray.



And my choice for her spanked double would be…

Zille Defeu

ns-zi-3 dreams

NSI095-IZ025 cheifs blog

clarezille006 cheifs blog

I think that we have a pretty good body type match there and Ms Defeu could easily do the pain scenes required of her. Or is there someone else that you might recommend?

Some of the images used in this post came from Dreams of Spanking Blog and Spanking Blogg.


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