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A Book – On The Radio – Six Of The Best Months – From An Outsider – And So Saucy




Roz told us about this in this post Milestones – Available 14 February 2014. this is a new book by multiple authors, so if you want to try a few different writing styles in one volume, this might be the book for you.

Kink on the Radio


Pandora Blake has been spreading the word again, this time on the radio, which you can read about in this post Queer DiscOx Radio. Or (if you can get this to work, I have been struggling) you can listen to the program via this link Episode 12 – Queer Porn With Porn Stars Pandora Blake & Lyle Boyce by Queer DiscOx.

Six of the best


Six of the best months, that is. Not a spanking thing but I am celebrating six months without using any tobacco products at all. As someone who was a very heavy smoker, with many failed attempts of giving up in the past, I must admit that I could not have done this without the help of Electronic cigarettes. I didn’t want to swap bad for worse when I started with these, so I did a lot of internet research first, this was not my only source of information but it does sum up what I found and so I can recommend that anyone wishing to know more about ecigs should watch this lecture ▶ Electronic cigarettes: What we know so far – YouTube. And please support EFVI: the European Free Vaping Initiative. I do feel like I have earned a good boy spanking 🙂

View from an outsider


The Spank Statement has in this post Love is Pain, linked to a short video about someone from outside BDSM having a look into the kinky world. Although a very light hearted, short video it does have some very astute points about TTWD.

So Saucy

many people have problems getting sauce out of a bottle but if you have a story about this, that is more embarrassing than this clip, you have to tell us about it.


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  1. Hi Pref, wow, what a wonderful post ! Filled with lots of tidbits 🙂 Thank you for the shout out and link and for mentioning Milestones. It is great to read stories from different authors and therefore different reading styles in the one book. I definitely recommend it.

    Thank you for the info on ecigs and congrats on quitting! I am a smoker and haven’t yet found the impetus to try to quit … hopefully?

    The video is hilarious. Love the ending!



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