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Daily Archives: February 18, 2014

Dreams Of Spanking – A Paysite Review


I review as a paying customer – I do not except free memberships in exchange for a reviews. I am not participating in any affiliate programs and make no money from sites that I review. I paid for a thirty day membership of Dreams of Spanking and am reviewing it as a paying customer.

Dreams of Spanking

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Dreams of Spanking is a spanking clips and photograph spanking website run by Pandora Blake. This site features F/m, M/f, F/f and M/m spanking scenes and is an openly fair trade porn site, treating all performers equally. The scenes on this site are in both historical and modern day settings.



I paid for the thirty day membership, at today’s rate that costs £20 (UK Pounds). memberships range from £10 for a five day membership, through to £75 pounds for a 180 day membership. All memberships are non recurring and so do not have to be cancelled.

Technical stuff


Photographs are easily downloaded, either individually or as sets in a ZIP folder. The clips are available in low and high quality downloads. The high quality downloads might be of use to you if you are intending to view the clips on a very large screen but I found that they took a very long time to get onto the hard drive and that the lower quality downloads took a more reasonable time to get and look great on the 32 inch screen, that I viewed them on.



The spanking scenes are set throughout history or in the present day and a lot of planning a and forethought has gone into creating many and varied plots. There is a fair amount of hand spanking and OTK situations but most of the spanking play tends towards UK style bending over objects and furniture whilst receiving spankings with toys and implements. Some of the spankings are of the milder variety but most are of mid range intensity or slightly harsher. The spankings are hard enough but not of a high severity. Personally I was happy to see good solid play but no blood and no question of any boundaries being breached.

Technically, most of the scenes where very well shot and edited with a good level of finished quality usually maintained. There is a good amount of material on this site and it took me quite a while to watch, what I considered, enough of it to form a fair opinion of what this site has to offer. Because of this I would advise not to have the five day membership, as this is just not long enough to appreciate what this site has to offer. The site seemed well updated, with some nice new stuff being added every week, whilst I held my membership.

This site does push the envelope sometimes and tries to create clips that are beyond what other sites are offering. sometimes this works well and sometimes not. The not so good clips are usually due to the situation being beyond the technical capacity of the equipment available, remember no one can expect Hollywood scale production budgets or huge production teams. Personally I am happy to put up with one or two clips where the sound might not be perfect or whatever else, to get those clips where the risk was worth it and the unexpected had been achieved.

The performers


There are a good range of familiar and new faces on this site all of which were well up to the mark where spanking play was concerned. Acting ability varied, of coarse but on the whole was usually good enough to do the job, with some performers getting a higher acting ability rating and some getting top marks. This site offers both girls and boys giving and receiving and it was particularly nice to see some performers on both ends of the stick, as it were. All of the performers showed their faces and more importantly what their individual personalities could bring to a scene.



This site includes some good behind the scenes clips and interviews with the performers. These are often interesting and give an insight into what is going on during production and what the performers feel about the productions.



I was very happy with this site and felt that my money had been well spent. All of the content had good spanking value and a lot of it I found to have good entertainment value as well. The action is good, firmly applied spankings but not overly harsh and the general dynamics between the performers worked well. If you want a straight to the action, limited storyline spankings, then learn to use the time slider on the vid clip and do your own editing, you would probably still enjoy the site. If you want a spanking site with good action but also well set up and executed story lines, then you have found the right place to go. If you love amazing costumes and this was the biggest attraction for me, you will not find a better spanking pay site than this for well dressed performers.

To see more of the style of things that this site has to offer try this blog Dreams of Spanking Blog or this site Darker Dreams.

Or go directly to the site through this link Dreams of Spanking.


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