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Daily Archives: February 20, 2014

Say Caned Properly!

I had a massive bout of nostalgia, when I found the YouTube channel Emma Saying. It was just like when I first got hold of a dictionary unsupervised. It was all a bit silly but enjoyably. This could be useful to Spankos learning English as a second language though 🙂

and there was this

There are also

How to Pronounce Caning

How to Pronounce Corporal Punishment

 How to Pronounce Spanking

 How to Pronounce Spank

How to Pronounce Bottoms

How to Pronounce Paddled

How to Pronounce Bullwhip

How to Pronounce Thrashed

How to Pronounce Lash

What did kinky word you first look up the first time you had a dictionary alone?