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Daily Archives: February 23, 2014

Russian Knicker Crisis – A Spoken Word Promo – And Cruel And Unusual Victorians


It has been a bit quiet around the blogs, news and events wise this week and so this roundup post is a bit bare bones. I would like to wish Morningstar the best of luck with her upcoming Tests though.

Possible Lacy Knickers ban in Russia


With all the problems that Russia is involved in, around the world, you think that the authorities would be trying to stay away from unnecessary controversies. But no. Apparently there are moves to ban sexy knickers and only have girly undies with a minimum cotton content. You can see more in this BBC report BBC News – Synthetic lingerie ban in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Thanks to Melon Farmers for telling us about this in this article Latest banned.

The Masocast


As a great fan of the spoken word, I would just like to point out that the kinky interview site The Masocast is still going strong and well worth visiting and supporting.

Cruel and unusual Victorians

The books and TV series of Horrible Histories is very entertaining. This is a clip outlining Victorian school punishments and it wasn’t just caning.


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