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Daily Archives: March 6, 2014

“Spec”tacular Spankings

After God alone knows how many years of “Spec”tacular posts, how could this week, of all weeks, not have one. And I still find women in glasses hellishly attractive, especially when they are spanking or getting spanked 🙂

Well let’s kick off with one from Punished Brats Blog

penny23 punished brats

And of course there has to be one from The Spanking Spot

secretary_ba015spanking spot

An amateur contribution from Bryan’s New Spanking Blog

B-Flkr3_080413 bryan

A great view from Spanking View

a11 spanking veuw

And finally, dreaming of glassy women from Dreams of Spanking blog


I don’t think that I will ever get over being a perv for Specs 🙂