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SPANKEDHORTIC – The Last Goodbyeeee



The blog SPANKEDHORTIC II was mostly a general entertainment spanking blog, that also hopefully gave it’s visitors a bit of a laugh sometimes. It was started when A Whip was planted in the internet woods back in July of 2007 and it’s end date was announced in this post last month. It had two contributors, Prefectdt and his fictitious Head Mistress, Dr Rosy Malford. As of the 9th of March 2014 posting has ceased on this blog and it is time to wish it farewell.


Note – The pictures used in the rest of this post have absolutely no relevance to the post, they have just sat on the hard drive for some time, I like them and it is the last chance to use them πŸ™‚

Why am I ending this blog?


Last year my blood condition jumped up and bit me in the ass again. This time by dropping a Thrombosis in my right eye. After successful treatment the sight in my eye has been saved but the thrombosis broke the retina and that has healed but has left a scar on the retina. This has effected my right eye and when I spend too much time staring at an LCD screen (as in a computer screen or flat screen TV) I tend to get white outs and must go away from the screen for some time to recover. This has made it difficult to blog. I have been struggling on hoping that the situation might improve but the last visit to the eye specialist left me knowing that this was as good as things are ever going to get.


I have never made any money or any other type of profit from this blog and I hope that it was fun for people to visit here but I decided that was a two way thing and it had to be fun for me to post here. Struggling to find the extra time to put posts together and not being able to visit or interact with other blogs, as much as I would like to, means that it is not fun to post any more and sometimes I have even sat in front of the computer dreading the idea of posting. So it has come time to end posting on this blog.

Advice for new bloggers


When I first started blogging, six and a half years ago, many established bloggers gave advice on starting a blog, much of which was outdated even after only six or seven months. Many of the things that got this blog off the ground would not work now, so go with the flow and see how things work for you in the time that you start blogging. I would only give advice on things that I have found not to have changed over the last six and a bit years, readers like pictures (even non kinky ones), readers like links and remember it is your blog and you have to do it your way.

The end of the ride


The last six and a half years has been a fun ride, with some downs but mostly ups. I enjoyed producing this blog and I hope that you enjoyed visiting here. I am going to leave the blog open and public, for as long as I can, so please feel free to peruse the archives and if anyone wants to use any of the posting ideas from this blog or wants to come up with their own version of post ideas, that I have used, please feel free to do so.

Thank you for visiting and…



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  1. Could the last person to leave the comments box, please turn out the lights πŸ™‚


  2. Spankedhortic 11. or Prefectdt. It has been nice knowing you and your blog. Whatever holds for you in the future, may it bring you a ‘spanking good time.

  3. I’m so sad to see you go but glad you are going to leave the blog up for now and hope that you will remain in blogland and visit us from time to time.

    I’m sorry to hear about the health issues that partially led you to this decision. Your health must come first.

    6 years is a wonderful milestone. I have enjoyed reading here and will miss your posts. Thank you for the support, encouragement and advice you have given me. Wishing you the very best for the future.


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  5. Sad news. Thanks for all your contributions to the blogging community, Prefectdt – and for inspiring me to take up the cause of male spankees in spanking video. You will be missed!

  6. Hi Pref: I adopted this friendly version of your name, having seen Ronnie call you by it… Sorry to see you go, but health overwhelms everything else. I will be pleased to have you drop by my blog whenever you like, and hope that you continue to enjoy life. I enjoyed your blog, so may ask for more tips at a later date. (too busy planning vacations and visiting family).
    Keep well, cheerio
    bottoms up

    • The health issue did not turn out too bad, it just created a time issue with computers and TV. My computer time has always been very limited and this made it too hard to carry on with the blog. I always enjoy visiting your blog and will keep visiting.


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  8. Dear Prefect,

    Kaelah and I are saddened to learn about your troubles with your eyesight, and the news that you are closing your blog. We both enjoyed your posts, your wit and sense of humour very much, and will miss them.

    We are keeping our fingers crossed and hope that your eye troubles will improve, or at least not get any worse. And we send you our very best wishes for the future, both for your kinky endeavours and non-kinky ones.

    Take care,

    Ludwig (and Kaelah)

    • I have already been very lucky with my eye, I could have lost the use of it, as it is, it is a problem but still usable for most things.

      Thanks for the good wishes and the touching post.


      • I’m glad that Ludwig already wrote a comment in both our names, but nevertheless I wanted to tell you how much I will miss your blog and especially your humorous posts. I wish you all the best and hope that your health will improve as much as possible so that it doesn’t keep you from doing the things that make you happy, like for instance reading blogs or the occasional kinky play. I hope to see you around in Blogland in the future as a commenter. Should you happen to stumble across a great kinky humorous clip which you think should be shared in our community, please don’t hesitate to send me a short notice. Ludwig and I would surely be happy to spread it through our blog.

  9. You will be missed my friend, I wish you future good health. Thank you for visiting my blog and I’ll certainly miss yours. XoXo

  10. Dear Spankedhortic,

    So sorry to hear about your eyesight problems. I always felt at home in your blog, also being an Englishman who loves Flanders. Although in my case it has only been occasional visits.
    You have left your mark and I thank you for your contributions to the scene we all love so much.

    All the very best for the future,

  11. My interest in this fetish has been in the closet for more decades than I care to confess; I think I have good-enough tastes in this, and I have found “hortic” to be one of the very best such sites. Your farewell remarks and advice seem wise and very gracious to me. Best regards (from a sort of connoisseur) and thanks!

  12. Hello P.

    I haven’t commented here in quite a while, and it’s sad that I’m only doing so now to say goodbye and thank you.

    I’ve always been impressed by the amount of effort you put into blogging, and you were one of those who posted my pictures before I had my own site – for which I’ll always be grateful.

    I’m also sorry you’re having to give up (at least partly) for health reasons – hope things improve for you on that score, and I hope we’ll continue to see you around if only on other people’s blogs!

    Warm best wishes for the future.


    • Thanks for doing all the pictures and hopefully more in the future. I have always enjoyed your work and hope to continue to do so. I will be visiting you underling and am glad to feel welcomed.


  13. So sorry to have you go, but am glad you let us know instead of just vanishing. You will certainly be missed.

  14. why is it I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short?? 😦 I am sorry to see you close up shop – so to speak – though I totally understand why. I always thought of you as my “neighbour over seas” silly eh??? ahhhh well……….

    You take good care of yourself and may your future hold only good things πŸ™‚


  15. Best wishes to you, Prefectdt, and good health. You’ve had a great run. I can assure you that there is indeed life after retirement!


  16. Sorry to see you go. This has always been one of the most distinctive spanking blogs. Thanks for all the entertainment over the years, and very best wishes for the future,

  17. Sorry to hear this Prefectdt …… just want to wish all the very best & to thank you for your support over the last few years ….. MarQe

  18. I’m just seeing this now, having been away from blogging myself for health and life reasons. I wish you all the best. You were one of my early supporters with my blog, and it’s enthusiasts like yourself that bring me back to writing about spanking, even with months or even years between stories and posts. I hope that any projects you are working on now bring you joy.


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