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A Kelly Payne Podcast From 2012


This is a bit old but is very interesting. It is from the Naughty Bits Podcast on Radio Free Satan. Kelly Payne is an American Dominatrix who is responsible for the website Tantrum Trainers. The part with Ms Payne starts just after 33 minutes but the whole podcast is worth a listen. So if you have the time or a long car journey or a boring day at work listen and enjoy. I have taken a look at this blog on a smart phone and everything seems to work OK, so you can listen from that. Kelly Payne has had an interesting professional life, this recording covers that from the start right up until 2012.

Link to the podcast

Right click here and open in a new window or tab

Some Blog Stuff

To start off, There are three things that I have decided not do on this blog any more. The first is The Blog Stuff Roundup I just do not think that I will be posting enough to justify doing this every week. The second is Thought For The Week, I have simply run out of quotes to convert. As I find new quotes  I may do a new series with a title that may be something like ‘An Occasional Thought’.  The third is Goodbyeeee’s. It seems cold to just take a blog off the roll without a word but I started feeling like the kinky blog undertaker doing these. So instead I might just say that this or that blog has been removed.


It is time that I started to clean up the links, on this blog. I am starting by removing the whole Tumblr blog list. Tumblr has had it’s day and now feels irrelevant. So the following Tumblr links will be removed –



I really used to enjoy adding to this series of posts, so I thought I would bring them back.

Kat Wonders

Kat Wonders portrait

I don’t spend much time on YouTube looking at ‘Try On Haul’  videos but a video from Ms Wonders popped up in the list of suggested videos and I tried it out. Since that first video I have thought that there is a woman that I would like to spank me.

Kat Wonders Silver

There is just something about Kat Wonders that reminds me of a 1930’s or 40’s Pin-Up model. You know, an old fashioned type of Gal, who would not feel shy about handing out some corporal correction to a misbehaving Fella .

Kat Wonders purple

As a professional Try on Model, I’m sure that Ms Wonders would want to be appropriately dressed and it would be great to see the videos of her finding just the right outfit for correcting the truculent adult boys and girls out there.

Kat Wonders gold

I could imagine her doing a video to find the best pencil skirt and tailored blouse combination, so that she could present herself as a British School Mistress ready to hand out a good caning. Or maybe a selection of tight fitting jackets and  long flared skirts, as a 1950’s school Ma’am might wear, when she is preparing to paddle someone. Even a try on haul of one piece leather body suits, ready to hand out a BDSMy style flogging.

Kat Wonders sm1

And of course she should try out these outfits in action, to make sure that they allowed the freedom of movement required to hand out the appropriate punishment. May I offer my services as a test bottom.

A video of Kat wonders trying on some catsuits

I know little about Kat wonders apart from, I believe, that she is Canadian. You can see more of her through this link Kat Wonders YouTube channel or through her Twitter feed.

Kat Wonders portrait2

Kat wonders, a woman who should definitely be a spanker.



Note – The photographs in this post are of paddles that are very similar to the one that I experienced but are not exactly the same as the actual paddle that was used on me



I do not own one of these paddles but have recently had the experience of being spanked with one at the hands of Meesteres Cela,  who is a real challenge to play with and I would say a very well worth while opponent for the experienced but beginners beware. The paddle itself is a simple, shaped piece of varnished wood with a work boot style sole glued to one side.



During a very hard spanking session I was shown the paddle and asked which side I wanted to try. On one side was the work boot sole and on the other was smooth varnished wood, similar to but not as thick as a normal American wooden paddle. I am not a great fan of American paddles but have been spanked with them before and so I played safe and chose the smooth side, which gave the same brutal, all enveloping pain that a normal American paddle would. But after this I was informed that I was now going to be on the receiving end of the boot sole side of the paddle. The result was a pleasant surprise to me. This was still not a lightweight toy, it gave a lot of pain if not quite as much as an American style paddle. The type of pain was very different though and did not feel as brutal as the plain wooden side. I am presuming that this is because the pattern of the tread gave the flesh of my bottom somewhere to go, on impact.




I have seen paddles like this in shops before and was very critical of them, dismissing them as a worthless novelty. But now, having experienced one I am tempted to go out and buy one of my own. I would say that it is a high end of painful toy with an interesting and enjoyable sensation, well worth your time if you are seeking a hard but satisfying spanking.



If you are ever shown one of these and asked to choose which side, I recommend the boot tread side 🙂





I do hope that you can view this without having to sign into YouTube but if you do, it is worth your while. This is for those that have not followed this blog before and for those that have. After this will be an explanation of  how I can blog again, for those who used to follow this blog.


Those of you that used to follow this blog, many moons ago, will remember that I had to give it up due to a problem with my eyesight. The problem was that after recovering from a thrombosis, that broke through retina of my right eye, I was left with a scar on that retina. Because of this I have lost about 15% of the vision in the centre of my eye. That isn’t as bad as it sounds as over time your brain compensates and I now only notice this when I close my left eye. The problem with this is that there where many damaged cones along the scar on my retina. And I will copy and paste a little definition of what cones are now.

Cone cells, or cones, are photoreceptor cells in the retinas of vertebrate eyes (e.g. the human eye). They respond differently to light of different wavelengths, and are thus responsible for colour vision and function best in relatively bright light, as opposed to rod cells, which work better in dim light.
These damaged cones started to react badly with certain wavelengths of light and I could get white outs over my entire vision from such things as staring too long at an LCD screen. Thus extremely limiting the amount of time that I could use a computer and made me give up television and films totally (until my eye specialist told me about DLP projectors but that I may blog about at another time). For more than 2 years I lived with that situation. But then and very slowly, the problem started to lessen. In February of this year I went to see my specialist for one of my twice yearly consultations. I found out that the damaged cones, on the scar, had mostly just stopped working and that white outs should now be rare if they happen at all.
So I started to lurk around some of my old blog haunts again and hummed and harred about starting to blog again. I used to spend a lot of time on this blog and do not want to become over committed to it now. But I missed it so much that in the end I decided to boot it up again and just not post as frequently as I used to. I will try to do at least one post a week though. I have not decide what to do with the posting yet. I think that is for another post. So in the meantime I thought that I would just search around the ‘net and…..
Try to find some things fun to share



Due to changes in my life and because I missed the kink blogging community, I have decided to attempt to start spank blogging again.

There will be a proper post explaining why I am now able to do this and how this blog will change in the near future.

But for the next week or perhaps two I have to clean out the inside of this blog as there is over five years of dust and cobwebs in here.

Also I have to remember how everything works. I have literally forgotten how to post in a WordPress blog.

So until I can sort my blogging life out please enjoy this photo of the wonderfully evil lady who whipped my rear end so hard a couple of days ago that I can still feel the after effects now, whilst sitting on a relatively soft chair.