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I really used to enjoy adding to this series of posts, so I thought I would bring them back.

Kat Wonders

Kat Wonders portrait

I don’t spend much time on YouTube looking at ‘Try On Haul’  videos but a video from Ms Wonders popped up in the list of suggested videos and I tried it out. Since that first video I have thought that there is a woman that I would like to spank me.

Kat Wonders Silver

There is just something about Kat Wonders that reminds me of a 1930’s or 40’s Pin-Up model. You know, an old fashioned type of Gal, who would not feel shy about handing out some corporal correction to a misbehaving Fella .

Kat Wonders purple

As a professional Try on Model, I’m sure that Ms Wonders would want to be appropriately dressed and it would be great to see the videos of her finding just the right outfit for correcting the truculent adult boys and girls out there.

Kat Wonders gold

I could imagine her doing a video to find the best pencil skirt and tailored blouse combination, so that she could present herself as a British School Mistress ready to hand out a good caning. Or maybe a selection of tight fitting jackets and  long flared skirts, as a 1950’s school Ma’am might wear, when she is preparing to paddle someone. Even a try on haul of one piece leather body suits, ready to hand out a BDSMy style flogging.

Kat Wonders sm1

And of course she should try out these outfits in action, to make sure that they allowed the freedom of movement required to hand out the appropriate punishment. May I offer my services as a test bottom.

A video of Kat wonders trying on some catsuits

I know little about Kat wonders apart from, I believe, that she is Canadian. You can see more of her through this link Kat Wonders YouTube channel or through her Twitter feed.

Kat Wonders portrait2

Kat wonders, a woman who should definitely be a spanker.


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  1. I hadn’t heard of Kat Wonders. I can definitely see the attraction!



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