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A Kelly Payne Podcast From 2012


This is a bit old but is very interesting. It is from the Naughty Bits Podcast on Radio Free Satan. Kelly Payne is an American Dominatrix who is responsible for the website Tantrum Trainers. The part with Ms Payne starts just after 33 minutes but the whole podcast is worth a listen. So if you have the time or a long car journey or a boring day at work listen and enjoy. I have taken a look at this blog on a smart phone and everything seems to work OK, so you can listen from that. Kelly Payne has had an interesting professional life, this recording covers that from the start right up until 2012.

Link to the podcast

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Some Blog Stuff

To start off, There are three things that I have decided not do on this blog any more. The first is The Blog Stuff Roundup I just do not think that I will be posting enough to justify doing this every week. The second is Thought For The Week, I have simply run out of quotes to convert. As I find new quotes  I may do a new series with a title that may be something like ‘An Occasional Thought’.  The third is Goodbyeeee’s. It seems cold to just take a blog off the roll without a word but I started feeling like the kinky blog undertaker doing these. So instead I might just say that this or that blog has been removed.


It is time that I started to clean up the links, on this blog. I am starting by removing the whole Tumblr blog list. Tumblr has had it’s day and now feels irrelevant. So the following Tumblr links will be removed –


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  1. Thank you for the link, will have to check it out. I hadn’t heard of her. Your blog changes sound great, and sensible:)


    • The story of her life in kink is really good especially the parts about setting up her first dungeon and getting raided by the police.
      I have so many dead links to clear from this blog, it might take a while.



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